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Flat Roofing

The science of flat roofing has advanced significantly in recent years with the development of ‘single ply’ technology.

While traditional felt-based and liquid rubber roofs are susceptible to UV light and changes in temperature which lead to relatively short lives – usually around 10-15 years, a single ply flat roofing solution has none of these shortcomings, and will keep the elements at bay for up to 40 years. Used for many years on commercial projects, single ply roofing is now becoming the flat roof solution of choice for discerning home-owners who want to look after their property.

Keeping your property protected from the vagaries of the British weather can be a challenge, and nowhere is it more important to make sure you keep the elements out than on your roof.

Baked by the sun in summer, frozen by frost and snow in winter – and soaked by rain all year round, your flat roof has to deal with all the extremes our climate can throw at it, while ensuring you stay dry and warm.

A major advantage of a single ply roofing solution is that all edges and details on your roof are finished with membrane coated aluminium.

Because we form these metal edges in our own workshop, we can tailor bespoke trims to exactly match the contours of even the most complex roof, providing strong and highly robust edging that will never crack, split or erode.

Having experience of using single ply products from many different manufacturers, we choose to work primarily with Renolit, which in our professional opinion is the best quality single ply solution available.

Flat roofing

Our staff are highly experienced when it comes to delivering flat roofing services. As a group of skilled staff members, we work regularly using manufacturers like Renolit Alkorplan to provide high-quality plastic films for a variety of flat roofing products.

Our flat roofing support can help to make sure that your commercial or residential roofing system can have a long lasting seal and a high quality coating that will improve your efficiency, maximize your heating and cooling and more.

The smooth roofing area that we can create for flat roofing with these products can often be considered stronger with a longer lifespan than many of the competitors. If you are interested in learning more about Renolit Alkorplan flat roofing services, contact us today.

Green Roofing

Green roofing solutions are an increasingly popular solution for their aesthetic appeal as well as their environmental impact. We can assist with the installation of a number of living roofs including semi-intensive, intensive and extensive roofing systems.

These are green roofing solutions that can meet a number of extreme weather conditions as well as provide the utmost in conservation for your building. Whether you are interested in reducing sound throughout your premises, enjoying top quality thermal benefits or doing your part with sustainable materials on your roofing, it is important to contact our company to learn more about green roofing solutions in the future.

Contact us to learn more about green roofing today.

Triflex Liquid Waterproofing

Triflex liquid waterproofing is widely considered some of the best waterproofing solutions for flat roofs, roof repairs and roof details.

The company that creates Triflex liquid waterproofing is widely considered to be some of the best in surfacing support. The coding itself can deliver a robust surface protection for infrastructure and construction projects. It’s perfect for quick repairs or complete sealing on any type of roofing job.

The best part is that it can also come in a wide range of colors and styles so that it can have a lasting effect for balconies, terraces and working roof gardens as well. If you need a stylized solution that can also provide advanced waterproofing for roofing systems, this is the latest in technology that can provide maximum efficiency for your roofing system.

If you would like to learn more about liquid waterproofing through Triflex, contact us today or visit our service page.

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