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Triflex Liquid Waterproofing

With the help of top products like Triflex liquid waterproofing we can make sure that any home or business have access to a watertight roofing solution.

Part of our specialty as roofing contractors is to provide the best materials available on the market today. In flat roofing, waterproofing technology needs to adapt to the constantly changing conditions of various climates.

This is a surface solution that simply will not compromise. If you are looking for maximum design possibilities, we have watertight solutions from a range of seamless and cold liquid waterproofing solutions. This is an advanced polymer solution that we stand behind.

Why we choose Triflex for our roof waterproofing

Triflex has numerous advantages over traditional sheet Applied Materials such as a faster curing time, lowered cost over its complete life expectancy as well as a much more exceptional integrity for waterproofing. As a proven solution and a widely dependable partner in waterproofing, this is a product that you can enjoy for the longest possible lifespan. Choosing Triflex for your waterproofing can make sure that any business can have a fully reinforced waterproof area that is designed to last.

Other advantages of this system includes:

  • Faster curing nature
  • Full warranty from the manufacturer
  • Applications at temperatures as low as -5°C
  • A fully certified waterproofing solution
  • Highest temperature rating of any polymer-based flat roofing water seal
  • Versatile coating that’s perfect for year-round application and quick repairs.
  • Requires zero adhesion technology
  • Highly resistant material
  • Prevents standing and ponding water through proper drainage.

With the help of our installation services we can provide versatile waterproofing solutions for your business or your home. By using Triflex liquid waterproofing solutions, we can provide extremely fast repairs no matter what time of year it is. We can also substantially speed up the process of our work with flat roofing and make sure that you can get back to your property easily.

Our service professionals use this coating in a wide range of our services. It can be a common solution for refurbishing a roof, completing roof overlays, building completely new roofs as well as in roof repair. We stand behind this product as it has been rigorously tested by the manufacturer and it comes with an extended warranty.

Triflex as a laboratory completed over 7000 membrane examples before it landed on this single ply product as an overlay.

By reducing some of the risks and costs associated with any other waterproofing system, Triflex is a product that can be used in a massive range of roofing services.

If you are interested in getting access to our flat roofing services or any number of waterproofing solutions through our company, we can make sure that our service professionals can answer any of the questions you may have.

To get a quote on services using Triflex liquid waterproofing solutions, contact our staff today. We can provide you with an immediate quote on our services using this product.

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