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Green roofs and living roofs are becoming increasingly popular and it’s not hard to guess why.

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Green roofs are environmentally friendly flat roofing systems.

Apart from their aesthetic appeal, green roofs are also beneficial to our health and that of our environment. They offer a place for wildlife, production of oxygen and giving additional protection from extreme weather conditions. Green roofing and living roof systems are some of the finest ways that you can give back to the environment while making use of extra space earlier property on your roof.

A green roofing system involves the use of organic material built into a flat or sloped roofing surface. This plant life can be installed in various organic tiles or planted on the roof to make use of space that would typically be taken up by sloped roofing material.

There are 3 main types of living roofs:

  • Extensive – Is usually a blanket of moss or/and herb (sedum) which requires very little maintenance.
  • Semi intensive – (Biodiverse) Which offers a playground and habitat for wildlife. This will consist of Herbs (sedum) and plants giving the area more scent and colour.
  • Intensive – In other words, a roof garden, so expect maintenance to be similar to that of a general garden.

The eco benefits of green roofing

Green roofing solutions can help you reduce your carbon footprint as well as improve air quality. The organic systems that are in place across the roofing tiles work as a living ecosystem and this can reduce the carbon emissions of your business as they continue to grow.

Green roofing materials also blend in with the surroundings and this can cut away a bit of the urban sprawl that we see each day. As a living ecosystem you may even be able to grow various crops on your roof as part of your living roof system.

  • The eco-system can be adapted for certain plant species depending on the access and use of the green roof.
  • Reduction of sound/noise especially hail and rainfall.
  • Increased roof lifespan by the reduction of the effects of UV degradation and extreme weather fluctuations.
  • Thermal benefits resulting in cooler summers and warmer winters.
  • Increasing biodiversity, wildlife and oxygen in urban areas.
  • Reduces the impact of storm-water runoff which in turn reduces the impact on local sewerage networks.

How green roofing can save you money

A green roof or roof garden can provide you with a number of money-saving advantages as well. Having a roof garden could allow you to produce your own crops which could help you to save money on groceries without having to use extra space across your property.

The other added bonus is that green roofs are particularly excellent at insulating your roofing systems. A green roof to help to improve heat retention throughout your property and it can keep your home cooler during the warmer months too. Green roofing materials also require fewer materials to install and they also have improved the life span over traditional roofing materials. Because the organic material is constantly growing, your main roofing materials can effectively regenerate when they start to wear out. You won’t have to worry about consistently replacing coatings on your roof as the organic materials will do that for you.

The types of green roofing

There are many types of green roofing options to choose from including intensive, semi-intensive and bio diverse. An intensive green roof includes the chance to install full gardens and urban agriculture. Many large businesses even choose to turn their roots into full parks with intensive green roofing projects. Semi-intensive green roofing projects constitute a few small gardens or planter boxes.

An extensive green roof is a low maintenance solution whereby grasses and other low maintenance plants can be installed into the roofing tiles which are organic.

The bio diverse green roofing system combines solar panels with green roof technology to provide the ultimate environmental choice. Bio diverse roof owners will be able to generate their own power while also minimising their carbon footprint by introducing green roofing with organic tiles.

Our material advantages

The materials included in a green roof often come with a 25 year guarantee and warranty from the manufacturer. Green roofing tiles and roofing installations can sometimes have up to a 40 year lifespan with very little maintenance required. Our team also uses the best quality of materials including bespoke metal to help you get exactly the shapes and style you may want.

Full service installation

If you are considering a green roof for your home or office contact us today. We have a team of project managers and skilled contractors to provide every part of this service to you. We handle everything from creating roofing materials, to hiring working cruise to install your roof. We offer professional and courteous service on the job site as well as updates from the start of your job to the final day of operations.

bespoke solutions

Bespoke Solutions
We have the facilities and staff to work on highly bespoke roofing solutions.

built in our workshop

Built In Our Workshop
We cut our own materials, in house, in our own facilities / workshop.

the best materials used

The Best Materials
We use Renolit Alkorplan, the best quality flat roofing solution.

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    Flat Roof in Reading

    We located Leigh through Check-a-Trade website. From the moment we met, Leigh's professionalism, knowledge and courtesy was excellent! The work was done within the time frame. Leigh was onsite and overseen all the work step by step. Leigh and his workmen arrived were postural and worked very hard throughout the whole day. Leigh's workers were very polite while on site. Premises were left clean and the warranty arrived as promised. We have already recommended Leigh's work to several friends and even to Reading Borough Council who were impressed with the material quality and high standard finish Leigh did on the flat roof.

    Thanks again Leigh for everything.

    Mr & Mrs C. NOGUEIRA

    Large educational project

    I have worked with Rooftek on a large educational project and have found them to have a conscientious work ethic and have shown experience in varying roofing systems. They have been responsive to any concerns raised and have always been instrumental in providing solutions.

    Danny Roberts MCIOB
    Construction Project Manager

    Replaced damage flat roof from felt to single ply membrane

    Outstanding service! During his visit Leigh has assessed the work, provided repair suggestions and lead times. His quote has reached us within 24 hours. From the moment go, Leigh's availability was exceptional. His team was onsite next day! Leigh was punctual. His team was competent, dynamic, productive, efficient, skilled, thoughtful, polite and phenomenal clean. We had an amazing response and we are very impressed how quick he was able to fit our emergency work around his very busy schedule. Overall, we would give Leigh's company/team a score of 11 out of 10, he exceeded himself. Thank you.

    Checkatrade customer in Reading

    Re-roofing of a flat roof in Berkshire

    Rooftek re-roofed our flat garage roof with a membrane material. Leigh and his team completed the work very quickly after my enquiry as to when the work could be done, fitting it around their other jobs. This was great as I wanted the work done. They were very efficient and courteous, and the work was completed to a good standard. Would recommend.

    Checkatrade customer in Berkshire

    Two flat roof sections under windows on a pitched roof

    Leigh helped me out at short notice to complete a tricky piece of flat roof work, all work was completed on time, on budget and as specified to the highest of standards. Its good to see such a high level of professionalism from Leigh and his team on what is a difficult and vital area of the building trade, will definitely be using them on future projects, would highly recommend.

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