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Electronic Flat Roof Leak Testing

Locate flat roof leaks in wet or dry weather conditions

At Rooftek advance, we carry out electronic integrity leak testing on completion of all of our commercial flat roofing works. Our fantastic bit of technology allows us to electronically test flat roofs for penetrations and leak areas. It was designed to locate leaks on flat roof systems such as single-ply roofs, asphalt roofs liquid applied roofs. We use this great tool to locate roof leaks in wet or dry weather conditions.

Our Electronic Integrity Leak Detection service provides a non-invasive means of detecting pinhole leaks in a flat roofs membrane. Any defects within the waterproofing membrane are identified to within mm accuracy, providing targeted and effective repairs to that of complete roof replacement.

Dry Roof Pro - flat roof leak detector kitThis is a specialist kit which allows us to carry out a full electric testing of our completed roofs in order to sign off on completion of works. It also allows us to be instructed by other companies to carry out a leak testing survey on their behalf, in order to find out exactly where current leaks are and also how to remedy leaks.

The Dry Roof Pro’ from Buckleys enables us to quickly test non-conductive roof finishes (such as single-ply, bitumen, liquid-applied and asphalt) for holes, leaks and other defects.

Buckleys’ Dry Roof Pro’ flat electronic roof leak detector kit offers rapid and effective method of testing a wide range of non-conductive flat roof coverings and can test up to 2000m2 per day.

Typical flat roof types

Concrete roof deck:

Concrete roof decks can handle a large degree of water content. These roofs can soak up a wide range of moisture and work well at repelling leaks. Concrete is installed with a membrane coating that can protect all electrical circuits as well as properly protect a roofing system. These types of concrete roof decks remain an excellent solution for a wide range of properties and one of the best products for a long life span. If you are seeking one of the most popular products for new roofing systems, concrete could be the best option for your needs.

Steel Roof Deck:

A steel roof deck is a steel structure that sits throughout the roofing membrane. The foil faced slab insulation conducts sit between the electrical as well as the foundation of the deck system. Faults throughout the membrane can be detected through an electrical circuit. If the membrane is penetrated and leaks are discovered, alarms will sound and this can indicate that it is a wise time to consider replacement on the membrane or repairs on the steel roofing system. Steel roof decks are an excellent choice for industrial buildings as well as for a ride range of building operations.

Timber Roof Deck:

Timber structures are nonconductive but the insulating properties of these rooms can lead to a lowered utility bill. Timber structures within rooms work with a foil faced insulation as well as a water detection system that is tracked through the earth and a series of connected wires. Timer deck roofs have foil faced insulation and there’s also bonding through an electrical leak detection process. This can make sure that the roof always has a line of defence against moisture and an instant alarm should there be a need for repairs.

If you’re interested in any of these top roof decks, you should consider what option best suits your price and your roofing structure.

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Flat Roof in Reading

We located Leigh through Check-a-Trade website. From the moment we met, Leigh's professionalism, knowledge and courtesy was excellent! The work was done within the time frame. Leigh was onsite and overseen all the work step by step. Leigh and his workmen arrived were postural and worked very hard throughout the whole day. Leigh's workers were very polite while on site. Premises were left clean and the warranty arrived as promised. We have already recommended Leigh's work to several friends and even to Reading Borough Council who were impressed with the material quality and high standard finish Leigh did on the flat roof.

Thanks again Leigh for everything.


Large educational project

I have worked with Rooftek on a large educational project and have found them to have a conscientious work ethic and have shown experience in varying roofing systems. They have been responsive to any concerns raised and have always been instrumental in providing solutions.

Danny Roberts MCIOB
Construction Project Manager

Replaced damage flat roof from felt to single ply membrane

Outstanding service! During his visit Leigh has assessed the work, provided repair suggestions and lead times. His quote has reached us within 24 hours. From the moment go, Leigh's availability was exceptional. His team was onsite next day! Leigh was punctual. His team was competent, dynamic, productive, efficient, skilled, thoughtful, polite and phenomenal clean. We had an amazing response and we are very impressed how quick he was able to fit our emergency work around his very busy schedule. Overall, we would give Leigh's company/team a score of 11 out of 10, he exceeded himself. Thank you.

Checkatrade customer in Reading

Re-roofing of a flat roof in Berkshire

Rooftek re-roofed our flat garage roof with a membrane material. Leigh and his team completed the work very quickly after my enquiry as to when the work could be done, fitting it around their other jobs. This was great as I wanted the work done. They were very efficient and courteous, and the work was completed to a good standard. Would recommend.

Checkatrade customer in Berkshire

Two flat roof sections under windows on a pitched roof

Leigh helped me out at short notice to complete a tricky piece of flat roof work, all work was completed on time, on budget and as specified to the highest of standards. Its good to see such a high level of professionalism from Leigh and his team on what is a difficult and vital area of the building trade, will definitely be using them on future projects, would highly recommend.

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